The Simple Golf Swing System Review

Simple Golf Swing System Review

If you’re thinking of purchasing the Simple Golf Swing System then likely you’re looking for an honest review.

A consistent golf swing is fundamental in lowering your score and improving your game and yet, it’s one of the hardest things to master.

If you struggle with your swing and are looking for some tips and lessons on how you can improve then read on!

The Simple Golf Swing System digital ebook shares detailed secrets and tips on how you can you break down the mechanics of the swing, adding consistency to your game.

David Nevogt’s Simple Golf Swing System Review

If you want to get right to the program itself you can visit, otherwise grab a coffee and enjoy my Simple Golf Swing review!

Regular golfers and even beginners will know how frustrating the game of golf can be! Just when you think you’ve mastered it, you hit that bad shot which brings you back down to earth. No doubt you can relate to the following:

  • Sometimes you hit off to the right or left
  • Keep hitting on top of the golf ball
  • Inconsistency
  • High score average
  • Wasting money on the latest training aid or golf memberships only to be left frustrated at your lack of progress…

Most likely you experience most if not all of those things. If that’s the case, you honestly need to give the Simple Golf Swing System a try!

Why is the Golf Swing so Important?

Well, the golf swing can make or break your game, it’s as simple as that. It’s not about how expensive your clubs are, or how you putt…. if you cannot swing and hit shots consistently well, then you will always leave the course feeling disillusioned with your play.

So, through mastering your swing, you’ll not only have less of a frustrating time on the course, you’ll also get compliments and respect from other golfers, pride in yourself, and most of all you’ll be a damn good golfer!

But why is it your swing sucks right now?

The problem lies in the golf swing itself, it’s actually an illogical movement if done correctly. In our heads, it’s hard to get used to the correct way to swing. Instead we swing in the way we feel is the most natural, which is wrong.

Take the example of distance. A golfer attempts to hit a thunderous 300 yard drive down the middle of the fairway only to see it slice horribly off to the right. To generate power in the golf swing, it doesn’t require extreme effort. It’s strange to think right?

When we attempt our 300 yard drive, the muscles tighten and explode on the golf ball, because we’re trying to get great distance on the shot.

Amateur golfers often make this mistake, and whilst the Tiger Wood’s of this world still put significant effort into hitting a long drive, it’s not done in the way you would think.

Amateur golfers think you need to start the swing powerfully to generate the distance but the pro’s know that the effort is put in towards the bottom of the golf swing.

That’s one example of how our ideology of the golf swing is far off. Now let’s move onto the Simple Golf Swing System.

What is the Simple Golf Swing System Review?

The Simple Golf Swing System is primarily a 31 page eBook that teaches golfers how to make solid contact with the ball, how to avoid hitting fat, how to avoid slicing, how get more power, accuracy, and consistency in your swing. Consistency being the number 1 golf skill.

You not only get the eBook though, you also receive a ton of extra material including video, lessons on putting, driving, chipping, sand play, and more which I’ll outline a little later in this review.

Screenshots from the Simple Golf Swing System Review eBook

Simple Golf Swing Screenshots

My Positives

First of all not only do you get an insane amount of value from the main part of the system (the eBook), the system also comes with a crazy amount of bonuses all of which provide high value.

Obviously quality is what counts here, and the simple golf swing doesn’t leave anything on the table whatsoever. Don’t take my word for it though, there are plenty of happy customers, just check out these testimonials


Secondly the system focuses on the MOST important areas of the golf swing, which are technique, psychology and consistency. Unlike many other golf programs, the Simple Golf Swing System carefully covers all the key aspects of a good golf swing (and a great game of golf) to ensure your golf game will be consistent, with lower scores, more enjoyable and totally adaptable.

Next, there’s no scientific fluff or over complicating things with the system. David Nevogt has cut through all the trash and provided a step by step guide that is both detailed and easy to follow.

My Negatives

I always try to put together a review that’s objective, but to be honest I found it really difficult to come with any bad points.

However, despite the obvious effectiveness of the system, it can take a while to shift from your old mentality and swing to the calm, technique based golf swing.

Furthermore, I think some people would prefer to pay extra and have private tuition for their individual learning styles. However, with the recent inclusion of video in the course, the content in the guide, and the support given with the program, it’s going to be hard to get any more of a benefit using a private tutor.

Simple Golf Swing System Review

What you can expect to learn from the Simple Golf Swing System

There’s a ton of content included in the Simple Golf Swing System. Here’s just a quick run through of what you can learn just inside the 31 page guide.

  • Detailed step by step instructions and detailed photography.
  • The correct way to hold and grip the clubs, with instructions for the different grip methods you can use.
  • Learn to improve your consistency with your grip method.
  • Learn how to produce a straight ball flight with your grip method.
  • How to align the club face to stop hitting left or right in the swing.
  • Hot more greens with consistent golf shots.
  • You’ll find out how the revolutionary Simple Golf Swing System setup works. This setup will provide with the consistency and power.
  • Discover the simplest way to make clean contact with every shot. Just think about how many strokes you could save by doing that!
  • You may have heard about the one piece takeaway. You’ll learn how to master this and begin to produce a smooth single motion swing.
  • Learn how to promote a consistent swing plane that you can use to automatically hit the fairway.
  • Discover a secret to extra distance that many instructors fail to teach. It involves the hands and an extra 10mph added on to your swing speed.

Bonuses Included

Purchase the system today and recieve these addiotnal extras:

  • A 40 min video about the simple golf swing.
  • The Simple Chip – This ebook covers chipping from the Simple Golf Swing perspective. This ebook will have you chipping with confidence around the green. Follow this simple method to chip with confidence and consistently put the ball within feet of the pin.
  • Mike Austin’s 515 yard drive – Read all about Mike Austin and his 515 Yard Drive. This is an excellent story to inspire you to achieve great things in the realm of golf.
  • Mental Preparation – This ebook is all about how to mentally prepare for a round of golf. It will give you a game plan on how to attack each round mentally. Having the right mental state going into a round will push your score lower and make the round more fun.
  • 3 Putting eBooks – Learn the Simple Golf Swing method of putting in three easy steps
  • Sand Lesson – We don’t really cover bunker shots in the Simple Golf Swing ebook. So this supplemental ebook gives you the basics on the Simple Golf Swing method of hitting out of the sand.
  • Swing Trainers you can Find at Home – There are simple household items all around you that you can use as swing training aids. From hangers to old tennis rackets, you’d be surprised what’s around the house that could help you swing the golf club better and more consistently.
  • Mike Pedersen’s Fit to a Tee – This ebook from Mike Pedersen takes you through a simple conditioning system to keep you fit and ready to play golf.
  • $48 Discount on the Full Swing DVD
  • Lifetime Upgrades
  • Free trial of the Purepoint Golf Apprenticeship Program

Simple Golf Swing System Review Video Snapshots

Simple Golf Swing Video Screenshots

Who’s the System for?

You don’t have to one of the pros or a seasoned golfer to get the full benefit of the advice from this system. The beginner can can really learn so much from the advice in this ebook, giving you the knowledge to help you improve your game.

The instructions laid out in the guide and the overall approach of the Simple Golf Swing System Review makes it suitable for golfers of all fitness levels. It doesn’t favour those with more physical strength or flexibility.

How will you benefit?

  • You can correct your slice.
  • Trusted system with a 95% success rate.
  • Easy to understand process. Simplify your swing.
  • You’ll save on expensive golf lessons.
  • Guaranteed to improve your golf game within a month.
  • Begin to enjoy the game of golf again.
  • Hit your shots longer, harder and straighter.
  • You’ll learn about the strategic approach to the game, and how to play each shot accordingly.
  • Confidence to take on the tricky shots.
  • Proud to be a better golfer.

Simple Golf Swing Summary

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