Top 10 Golf Tips For The Beginner

Nowadays, golf has become more popular. But almost everytime, beginners find the game very difficult. They don’t even understand how to start the game. They don’t have any idea about the basic rules of golf. So here, I wanna to give some very basic yet helpful tips for the beginners. I think almost every newbie should follow these. Let’s start!

1) Don’t Play Golf

Sounds strange? Yes, I mean it. Golf is not only a simple game. There is more than that. Actually, it can control your mental health. Maybe you are wondering how can a game control our mental health! Yes, golf can control our mental health. When you play a very good shot, you will fell like that you are the top of the world! But when you make a bad shot and repeat it twice, then you will be very frustrated! I can guaranty that this will definitely hamper your normal daily life. It’s proven! Another thing is that golf is a very expensive game. So think before you start!

2) Buy Some Necessary Equipment

If you are serious about golf (you were warned), then let’s discuss how you can start a better golf career. First of all, go to any nearest golf shop, buy some necessary equipment like golf clubs, rangefinder, ball, etc. But be careful to choose good golf clubs. If possible, take help of any pro’s to find out which club is best for you.

3) Work on Your Grip

Since hands are the only parts of our body that come in contact with the club directly, it is preferred to grip the club right. Don’t hold the club like a baseball bat. Yes, many beginners do that! So I will say that take instruction from an expert to know how to grip the club right.

4) Visit A Golf Driving Range

“Practice makes a man perfect.” Start practicing. Practice is the best way to improve your golf skill. Got to the driving range and spend hours at refining your swing. As a beginner, you may not have any swing to refine. In this case, just improve your God gifted swing.

5) Practice To Improve Swing

Swing is the main thing that you need to be good at for a perfect game. You must need to improve your swing. Go to the club, take a full swing and imagine where the ball will fall. I mean try to get a visualization where can the ball be dropped. To improve your swing skill, you need to improve your visualization and imaginary ability.

6) Clear Mind Before Hitting

When you have spotted the ball and are about to hit, clean up your mind completely and just keep the focus on the flag. Don’t think anything before you hit it well.

7) Follow The Flight of The Ball

Keep following your ball where does it going. You need to calculate your force that you invest in hitting the ball and where does the ball drop. By this, you will get an idea about the proportion of the ball distance and your effort to hit balls.

8) Begin Thinking About The Next Shot

Don’t sit after playing a shot. You need to think about the next shot whether the previous one was good enough or worst. My main message is not to think about anything negative. Just move forward to with hope.

9) Don’t be Pressured by Other Golfers

This is another common thing that happens to almost every golfer especially beginners. Everyone has a beginner stage at golfing. But some of the golfers forget it and try to pressurized the newbies. So my advice is not to listen to them and not to be pressurized by them. Just play your normal game.

10) Take instructions from the PRO

It is a wise decision to get trained yourself under a professional trainer. Because golf is not an easy game. There is a lot of things you need to consider to play golf. Even the club size can make a difference at playing. So it is recommended to learn the golf lessons from a PRO golfer. It will save your time and you can improve your skill in the shortest time as well.

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