Learn The Golf Swing Basics

Learn The Golf Swing Basics

These are the two most asked questions in golf, what can golf swing basics do for your game? and how do I get more distance off of the tee, a lot of it could be to do with your age being a senior golfer and that your body is changing with age, but a lot also has to do with the equipment you are using as well!


Let me break that down a bit by running over a few questions, firstly I want to go over your golf equipment, because if you have the wrong equipment in your hands then it doesn’t really matter about the golf swing basics! It doesn’t matter how talented you are, your game will suffer from the wrong equipment for you. So here we go with the questions:

1. Are your shafts the correct shafts for your golf swing?
2. Are your shafts the correct shafts for your club head speed?
3. Are your shafts regular, stiff or senior shafts?
4. What weight of shafts have you got?
5. Are they low, mid or high kick point shafts?
6. Are your clubs the right length for your height and stance?
7. Do your golf clubs lie nice and flat on the ground at address?
8. Are the shafts on your woods the correct size?

Now if you have answered ‘no’ to at least 3 or 4 of the questions above, then I think it is time to visit your local golf professional or golf retailer and get yourself onto an in-store/shop monitor to have a look – they do call the golf ‘shaft’ the engine room of the golf club – so it’s worth having a look at the numbers of your swing speed, club head speed, ball spin rate, launch angle, angle of club face at impact etc – so golf swing basics need to be revisited.

One you have done this then you know you have the correct clubs in your hands when you make your golf swing, it’s a bit like buying a new suit, is it going to be one off of the peg or a bespoke tailor made one that fits you, it’s no different with golf clubs they need to fit you and your swing.

Alternatively, you can always visit an old traditional golf club maker or professional who can adjust, shorten and put in the correct shafts on your existing clubs, this could work out more expensive than new ones but then again you will still have your old clubs that you have grown to like over the years – both options are food for thought but both worth investigating further to help to improve your game.

Now that you have the tools of the trades in your hands as it were, we can now work on the golf swing basics to help you to get “more distance off of the tee”. During our younger years we had the ability to not always have to use a driver off of every tee, but as we get older we will find that we are using the driver even more – par 3’s feel like par 4’s and par 4’s feel like par 5’s so we are needing more firepower to get further down the fairway.

So how are we going to get a few more yards off of the tee to make your golf game easier, let’s start with a few suggestions to potentially hit that target for you:

1. Slow down your back swing
2. Swing more smoothly
3. Tee the ball higher or aim to hot the sweet spot on the golf club
4. Drop your right shoulder and hit up on the golf ball if you want to hit the golf ball higher
5. Make your stance wider

All of these golf swing basics will certainly help you with more length off of the tee, coupled with properly fitted golf clubs and woods your game will be on the up and up I can assure you.

I hope that this article golf swing basics was of use to your game and if you have any questions regarding this article please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below I will be glad to respond to any comments left.

Rob Nash
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