How To Turn Your House Into A Golf Practice Ground

Despite being in lockdown with the COVID-19 virus, you can still keep your game in check at home.

Being stuck indoors doesn’t mean you have to let your golf game disappear. In fact, this is the best time to fix those imperfections in your swing. So much so, I’ve collated 6 drills you can do with everyday household items in your bathroom, kitchen and lounge.

Just be sure to check behind you for any precious items, glass, pets and of course your partner, who don’t yet realise the home is now your practice zone!

Hallway Swing – Use The Skirting For Plane

This is our first tip, a good one if you have a hallway large enough. You need a wall which is long and spacious, you might have to move some furniture!

Take an iron club and set yourself square to your wall, the toe of the club facing the skirting. Now begin by swinging back until your clubshaft is horizontal, parallel with your hallway wall.

Next swing up even further until your lead arm is horizontal opposite the wall, keep in mind the butt of your club should point at the skirting.

Complete the swing slowly, ensuring you make the corresponding checks at each point in the swing. If you have a mirror on the wall, it would be ideal!

Lounge Swing – Backswing Drill With A Chair

This one can be done in front of the TV! Find a good chair, it’s better if you choose one with a squared back.

Setup is done with the chair facing opposite from your ‘target’, the chairs back against your trailing trouser pocket and angled away slightly to imitate your trail foot’s angle. Hopefully that makes sense!

Get into your golf posture by Criss-crossing your arms, turning back, so your trouser pocket rubs along the back part of the seat.

This is a great drill for developing a feeling for hip rotation on it’s own axis, rather than sliding around in your centre of gravity.

Bathroom Putting – Use Those Scales For Balance

One of my personal favourites! Ideally this works best with the old-style needle scales, but digital scales are fine also.

Take your putter and stand on the scales, get into your putting stance and make a stroke. The less the needle moves, the better!

This little drill, reveals balance and stability, both essential for sinking those putts!

Obviously if the needle has wild movements, this reveals excessive movement during your putting stroke, compromising attack angle, path and face rotation.

Dining Room Swing – Mimic Impact Pressure Using Table Legs

Please don’t do this one at dinner time! Taking a mid level iron from your bag, setup opposite the table leg, pushing the club against it.

Now pushing forward to imitate impact, opening your hips wide and letting your lead foot take the weight. Doing this will give you the feeling of pressure against the table leg growing in your club.

Keep going, don’t let up. Using the slow drive and rotation of your hips and torso to force the club ever more firmly against the leg.

This is a great drill for helping you feel the correct way to apply pressure to the golf ball, with force moving from your body into your arms and then down into the ball through the clubshaft.

Stairs Chipping – Use The Stairs For Flight Control

I highly recommend this one is done with some Airflow practice balls!

Take your wedge and the practice balls to the foot of the stairs. For those of your without carpet, find a good mat to chip from.

Focus your attention on the risers, this is the vertical part of the stairs which face you. We only need to be looking at the bottom four stairs.

Number them one to four. Now in your mind, pick a number and experiment with face loft, shaft lean and ball position to fly the ball into your chosen riser.

When you can hit a chosen riser on demand, you’ll have learned how to control the trajectory with your wedge. This is a great skill to improve your short game versatility.

Kitchen Alignment – Use Tiles For Aim & Ball Position

If you have kitchen floor tiles, they make for a great square grid, you can use as an alignment aid.

Take your favourite driver and ball. Form your set-up, using the tile lines to guide your toes to a square position. Spread your feet evenly.

Now use the lines running across your target line to guide your ball position, opposite the lead foot instep, this is key.

Finally, use the tile lines again to check your clubface is square.

This drill is all about ‘feel’. Does this square position feel comfortable? If not, chances are your alignment is off.

These are six quick drills you can do at home to practice your swing and keep your game in check when you can’t get to the course!

Let me know in the comments if you have any drills you’d like to share.

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