What Is A Hybrid Golf Club

What Is A Hybrid Golf Club

For many years the golfer would keep long irons in their golf bag. These usually consistent of a 2, 3 and 4 iron. The modern game however has taken a twist in a different direction in recent years with the introduction of a hybrid golf club.

What is a hybrid golf club you ask? Well read on in this article and I’ll do my best to explain.

A hybrid golf club is a cross between a long iron and a fairway wood, hence the term ‘hybrid’ also sometimes referred to as a ‘Rescue Club’. The reason for the increase in popularity is these clubs are very forgiving, have a high launch factor, are easy to hit off the tee, can be used in fairway bunkers and of course fairways.

What Is A Hybrid Golf Club

The average golfer usually struggles to hit a long iron consistently, whereas with a hybrid, you can hit a consistent golf shot in a variety of scenarios. With different club head angles, you can hit a hybrid anywhere from 150 through to 200 yards+ on the golf course.

Many golf club manufacturers have taken advantage of this increase in popularity by releasing many new models and variations of hybrid which have given the golfer a great tool for their bag. With an increase of distance, accuaracy and ease of use so readily available from one club, no wonder everyone now has one.

With new technologies many of the new hybrid golf clubs can now be adjusted to suit the golfer, some golfers are so pleased with their hybrids that it’s replaced their 3 wood! If you want more weight to help correct your fade/slice then there are hybrids for you out there, or if you want to go up or down in the loft of the club face then there are also options for that too.

So with such a variety of shapes and sizes, different colours, shafts of your choosing dependent on your swing speed , long gone are the days when you stand over a daunting 190 yard shot over water and trouble into a stiff breeze, these clubs are so forgiving and easy to use you will relish all the times when you are now facing those previous difficult shots!

I hope that this article, what is a hybrid golf club, helped you in making a decision on your next or new hybrid golf club and if you have any questions regarding this article please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below, I will be glad to respond to any comments left.

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