Learn The Basics Of The Golf Swing & How To Improve Your Game

This article explains the basics of the golf swing and how you can improve your game.

No matter what sport a person plays, there are different techniques you can implement in order to improve.

With golf, the most important aspect of the game is the swing.

The better the player hits the golf ball, it’s highly likely the score will be lower.

Unfortunately, this is not an easy task. This is because the basics of the golf swing contradict with how the body normally functions.

With the difficult task of actually putting the golf ball into the “sweet spot”, it’s easy to understand why very few individuals can make a living by playing golf.

The Basic Golf Swing

Due to many factors, each golfer will have a different swing. However, learning the basics will maximize effectiveness and efficiency.

In order to have a really good understanding of a basic golf swing, it has to be explained in four separate parts.

Those parts are the setup, take away, ball approach, and follow through.

The Setup

The setup is universal among all golf players because there is only one way to do it. When the golfer is standing, their feet must be apart (typically shoulder width).

A slight bend should be all that’s needed to reach the ball. The club must delicately rest in the palm of the golfer’s hand.

Then the hand must be folded over the club, allowing the thumb to rest on top of the club. With an overlapping grip, the palm of the other hand is then used to cover the thumb.

At this point, the golfer’s arms should be relaxed, and body weight should be evenly distributed.

Golf Swing Setup

The Takeaway

Too many moving parts will normally result in a bad swing. Often times beginners will yank the club backward and dislocate the body from its proper position, ultimately ruining the entire swing.

A proper takeaway should include smoothly swinging the shoulders backward without moving the hip. At the same time, the clubface must remain square with the target.


The Ball Approach

In order for the ball to reach the “sweet spot”, the club must be on target. This can only happen once the body is balanced and moving parts are kept to a minimum.

At the height of the back swing, the inner hip is then released, and the club will begin to move towards the ball. As a result, the knee will slightly bend.

Remember that the club must pull through the ball, and you must keep your head down with your eyes focused on the ball.

Basics Of The Golf Swing

The Follow Through

Once contact is made with the ball, the club must continue to move forward. The golfer’s outer shoulder will then move upwards, aligning with the target. Finally, the club will rest over the head.

By applying these simple strategies, every golfer has the ability to move the ball towards the “sweet spot” on a consistent basis.

Distances will improve as the golfer becomes more familiar with applying these basic strategies.

Build A Golf Swing Like A Pro

Now even though I’ve given you a thorough explanation of how to improve your swing, you can’t beat actually seeing it performed to get a full understanding of what I’m talking about.

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